3D Printing in Primary and Secondary Schools

Published 3rd December 2015

3D printing continues to make news – for example last month  it was announced that researchers in Australia had managed to 3D print a jet engine and China has just produced the world’ first 3D printed villa.   

Closer to home the D&T Association has just finished managing a DfE funded programme on 3D printing with 42 teaching schools – including primary, secondary and SEN. Each school was provided with a 3D printer and had to develop either teaching materials and/or CPD activities to help other schools engage with this technology and which would enhance STEM teaching. As the programme progressed the schools uploaded examples of their work to a website and, once we have agreement form the DfE, we will make these materials freely available. We will notify members through D&T Stream and the website when this occurs - Watch This Space!!!

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