A message from the 'new' CEO

Published 29th June 2018

Following almost 33 years in education, the last twelve as a headteacher in two large London Comprehensive Schools, I now find myself back at the subject that started my educational journey all those years ago. Much has changed and little has changed. The subject finds itself under severe threat of extinction as it battles to overcome a range of problems, some externally applied and it has to be said; some self-inflicted. That said, the subject that I grew to love at Avery Hill College as a 22-year-old is now more relevant than ever. 

We live in challenging times where change is constant and does not always appear logical. Imagine how that might look through the eyes of a 12-year-old student trying to work out how they might fit into this emerging picture? Our subject provides context for learning, makes knowledge gained elsewhere on the curriculum 'come alive' and allows students to develop a way of thinking that will help them throughout their life and can assist them to find relevant, interesting and rewarding employment.

I have no delusion about the scale of the task that lies ahead, but I am excited by the energy and support that I have witnessed first hand in my journey's across the country within my first six months in post. I would like to personally thank all our ambassadors for their unwavering support, I hope to improve the dialogue with you in the months ahead as we seek to put this subject back where it belongs. I look forward to working with you!

Warmest regards

Tony Ryan

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