Abi - Design Apprentice Engineer at Prodrive

Published 6th August 2020

Designing your Future

This is the second in a set of interviews with  young people in key roles in different areas of the design, creative and engineering sectors, aimed at inspiring students to consider career choices and value D&T as a key component in developing the skills and knowledge required.

Use these videos during in lessons, for remote teaching, options events and simply to inspire your students and their parents to consider the wide variety of careers open to them

Meet Abi, a Design Apprentice Engineer at Prodrive

Abi designs fixtures for high performance cars. She describes her education experience and route into her current role and being inspired by the changing nature of technology in engineering.

Look out for the new videos which are being released each week for you to watch and use in school to inspire students.

Thank you to the ERA Foundation and the Royal Commission of 1851 for their generous support in helping us develop these resources and to the participating organisations and individuals.

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