Black and Blum - A Design Competition for 11-14 Year Olds - competition closes 16 April!

Published 3rd December 2020

The Design and Technology Association are please to support this inspiring competition.

The brief is 'Food and Drink on-the-go products for teens'

Dan Black (Black+Blum) and Tim Weston, Head of D&T at Oakham School, have teamed up to bring you an exciting competition and prizes that will allow children to research market needs, test their creativity, improve presentation skills and work towards a marketable design proposal. Download full brochure

Background into Black and Blum

Ten years ago, they launched our first lunch box, when children, got fun lunch boxes and adults made do with boring food containers. Adults today can now get modern, sophisticated, aspirational lunch boxes that cater specifically for them.

People are increasingly realising the importance and benefits of sustainable, healthy living. Their unique, on-the-go designs offer a range of tailored solutions for all their hydration and nutritional needs. Taking your own food and drink with you brings many health, environmental and economical benefits.

So Schools and Students - Get Designing!

Position Black+Blum as the leading premium brand for all your food and drink on-the-go needs

You are required to expand the adult lunch range into the teen market.

Design anything you want - water bottles, lunch boxes or accessories like cutlery, lunch bags aimed specifically at you.

Download the brochure to read the full set of rules detail and the criteria for entry regarding this exciting competition.

Competition Rules

  • A maximum of 3 entries per school (schools will need to pre-select entries)
  • The competition is open to children 11-14 years of age 
  • All entries to be received by 12.00 on the 16th April 2021
  • Entries must comply with the guidelines for deliverables
  • All entries must include a competition entry form that has been completed by their school.



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