Celebrating D&T in Lincolnshire

Published 9th June 2016

Monday 4th July 16.00 -18.00

Carre’s Grammar School, Sleaford, Lincolnshire - Free to Attend

The county of Lincolnshire has always been associated with high quality D&T.  It has been and still is the home of a number of individuals who have played a significant role in shaping the subject’s development over the past 40 years.

A free event has been planned that serves a number of purposes.  Firstly, it provides an opportunity to celebrate the many successes that demonstrated by students undertaking D&T projects in Lincolnshire.  Secondly it acts as a rallying call to ensure that those involved in D&T in Lincolnshire unite and explore ways they can protect and promote the interests of the subject. Thirdly, it provides a chance to re-establish connections from the past and make new contacts.
2017 is set to be yet another significant year in the history of D&T. For the first time the subject at GCSE will be referred to properly by its full title design and technology not a subset restricted by arbitrary lists of knowledge associated with groups of materials. At A level, there is the maturing of the way the subject is presented, that potentially provides a significant improvement in preparing students for further study in fashion and textiles, product design or design engineering. Meanwhile, modernising the curriculum is throwing up a wide range of possibilities that massively extend the capability of students the range and level of sophistication the new technologies are enabling them to harness.  The advent of digital technologies means there has never been a more exciting time for students and teachers working with the relative D&T curriculum requirements and examinations.
The evening will begin with a short introductory presentation from Andy Mitchell, Deputy Chief Executive of the D&T Association and a Carre’s Grammar School old boy. Andy has been instrumental in shaping both the National Curriculum D&T programmes of study and the outcomes of the more recent examination reforms. His perspective will provide some insight into the challenges presenting the subject but importantly the ways we might address some of them using the significant opportunity brought about by examination reform and other initiatives.  This will be followed by an opportunity for comments and questions and discussion and short presentations from several schools.
Also attending the event will be other key individuals from the world of D&T associated with Lincolnshire including Andy Breckon, Ian Till and Professor Tim Lewis (and hopefully some ex teachers of Andy)

If you would like to attend, please email: jacqui.eborall@data.org.uk so that we can plan for seating and refreshments.

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