Celebrating D&T

Published 18th July 2016

Celebrating students’ D&T work through exhibitions is a vital part of communicating to parents and the local community what D&T is and why it is such an important subject. An example of how successful this can be was demonstrated in early July at Yateley School, Hampshire, where students had an opportunity to showcase their creative talents at the ‘Yateley Young Designers Exhibition.’ GCSE and A level students in Art, Graphics, Photography, D&T and Food displayed their work over 3 days in an end of year show.

At the launch event Sally Williams, Head of the Design and Technology faculty, said, “With skills shortages in area such as design, manufacturing, construction and engineering it is important that Design and Technology and Arts subjects remain in the school’s curriculum, the students of today will be the designers and engineers of tomorrow. We are very lucky at Yateley, with a supportive Head teacher and governors Design and Arts based subjects continue to be very popular with students at all levels and students achieve highly.”

The show, now in its ninth year, ran for three days and was attended by many visitors including governors, students, family and friends as well as the local community.

Richard Green, Chief Executive of the D&T Association, said, “It’s great to hear that D&T and other creative subjects are being celebrated at Yateley, and the message about their importance is being clearly demonstrated to, and recognised by, the local community. As we continue to campaign for D&T to be recognised in school accountability measures, exhibitions such as this really help get the D&T message out to the people who matter most – pupils, parents and employers.”


The D&T Association would welcome details and images of any similar exhibitions.

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