Published 7th October 2020

A new and exciting Initiative brought through a partnership between Talenthouse and the Design and Technology Association

Talenthouse is the world’s leading creative collaboration platform for brands and agencies. Working with some of the world’s biggest and best-known brands, the platform makes live creative briefs available to the world’s designers. Once registered on the Talenthouse platform, anyone including those working in the design profession and non professionals can respond to any of the briefs posted each month.

Each brief has a start, and end date for submissions and support materials will prompt the designer to ‘must-have’ aspects of the brief and also to how the final work should be submitted. Once submitted the work is evaluated by the client working with Talenthouse staff and if one design is head and shoulders above the others, the designer is invited to step into an agreement to work with the client to meet the brief. Otherwise, TLNT staff might work with a small team of ‘finalists’ to narrow down to a final successful design submission.

Club.House will seek to be all the adult platform is but will be aimed, initially at least, at 11-18-year olds.

How it works

  • D&T Teachers register their school on the Club. House platform. It is important to note that at this stage the teachers are committing to nothing and are merely registering an interest in the initiative.
  • Teachers will be able to view all the live briefs; some will be very simple in nature and will have a short ‘live’ period; others will be more complex and will stay ‘open’ for several months.
  • Each brief will come with a range of support materials to make them accessible to schools and their students.
  • Teachers can either build the brief into their curriculum delivery (allowing them to use this as a context for teaching key knowledge and skills) or can guide their student’s attention to the briefs, with the students then submitting either as part of an extended learning task or simply because they want to.
  • Student’s cannot access the site to engage with briefs until their teacher or educator has registered themselves and the school on the Club.House site.
  • Students will not be asked for any personal information other than their name, age and school. All student data is managed through a highly secure data management platform and is compliant with all safeguarding requirements.
  • The Design & Technology Association is here to support you. 

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