Creating intelligent products in design and technology with the micro:bit

Published 11th May 2018

Find out how to create intelligent electronic products in all material areas of design and technology, using the micro:bit.

Discover how this affordable device, and it’s free online software, can be used by students to embed intelligence in design and technology products. And how it can support the teaching of both key stage three and the new Design and Technology GCSE.

Build your confidence in teaching programmable components: from programming simple code and connecting electronic components, to building electronics content into prototype products.


You will be able to:

  • develop confidence in programming the micro:bit and connecting it to electronic inputs and outputs
  • gain ideas for how the micro:bit can be used to enhance student outcomes in design and technology
  • take away ideas and resources that can be implemented in the class room straight away

CPD from the STEM Learning Centre

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