David Cameron directs DfE to prioritise skills for industry

Published 2nd December 2015

On Wednesday 5th September, Prime Minister David Cameron held the first meeting of Cabinet since his Government reshuffle. At this meeting he emphasised the importance of every government department working towards growth and deficit reduction.

In particular he urged the Department for Education to focus on training young people for employment in business and industry to help future growth.

“What really matters now... is that we demonstrate this is a government that means business”
“Every department is an economic department.”
“The education department is about training a new generation of young people and making sure they are ready to work in business, in industry, in commerce and increase the wealth of our nation”

During our New Vision for Design and Technology campaign we established that Design and Technology is uniquely placed as a subject to deliver the skills that employers have told us they need, such as creativity, problem solving and the ability to present ideas. We now look forward to working with DfE to help deliver the skills that the UK economy needs for growth.

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