Design and Technology Association Annual Survey 2014-15 (Primary) - England

Published 3rd December 2015

Have your say - please complete the National D&T Annual Survey of Provision for Primary

This survey contributes to the Design and Technology Association’s established process of collecting data from schools. The Design and Technology Association makes particular use of the findings in supporting the D&T community with their arguments and the claims it makes for increased resources and support for the subject. It also enables the Association to target CPD and the production of resources to meet identified needs. On a local basis, subject leaders in particular, make use of the data to support their claims for equitable funding, curriculum time, class sizes etc. A previous survey ran for a period of 10 years and its findings were used by a variety of bodies and professionals interested in D&T provision. Its findings have often been referred to by those reporting on the subject including Ofsted and Government agencies and it remains the only national survey that concentrates exclusively on D&T. 

This new version of the survey is being made available online which will make completion, submission and analysis simpler and more efficient. It is hoped that this will also increase the overall number of submissions from schools. We would ask that having completed the survey yourself, you encourage colleagues in other schools to do likewise, as the larger the return the more representative the findings.

We hope that you will be able to provide a complete return but simply leave blank any questions for that you are unable to answer.

We would welcome any feedback on the survey both in terms of the questions it asks and also the completion process.

The data the survey generates will be published annually in a report available on the Association’s website with a summary published in D&T Primary. 

Complete the Survey Here.

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