Design and Technology Association Job Pages

Published 9th May 2018

Introducing The Design and Technology Association job pages. This site will be free for a period of time and so we encourage you to come and register and use it for all your job vacancies.

Powerful and targeted job search

Whether you want to advertise a job, or search a new role, the custom-built platform has been developed to give you more control in the recruitment process and, finding suitable candidates throughout the country, ranging from NQTs to heads of department and school headteachers.

Quick and Easy to use

Schools and teachers seeking jobs will benefit from an intuitive platform which allows you to add new jobs, or search, for jobs quickly. Uploading jobs is easy with only a limited number of mandatory fields required. Use a range of filters to narrow the search and find that perfect job.

Set up Custom Job Alerts

Job seekers can set their own preferences, creating job alerts, which will help save time when searching for the ideal opportunity. Once in place, alerts will select vacancies matching the set criteria and send all jobs directly to a job seekers inbox.

Specialised Job Board

Create specialised job boards to attract candidates with particular skills and knowledge, relevant to the job you are advertising. Employers no longer need to cast a wide net to catch a suitable person and candidates feel confident browsing opportunities available to them.


The new Design and Technology Association job board is free to use for a limited time, so start your search today

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