Design & Technology Association statement - A Levels 2018

Published 17th August 2018

Yesterday’s A Level results are the result of hard work, application and dedication by students and teachers nationally and all of us at The Design & Technology Association would like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone who collected results yesterday.

For many, this is the end of an important stage of their development as students leave mainstream schooling and move to the next stage of their life. Students and teachers have had to adapt to a new set of qualifications with more extensive programmes of study and a requirement for even deeper subject knowledge. A greater emphasis has been placed on terminal examinations as a means of examining success, initial indications suggest that students and their teachers have adapted well to these new demands with top-grade results expected to increase.

While a large number of students have accepted university offers to start in September, an increasing number (currently 7%) will move to start apprenticeships, a small number will also accept a job with ongoing training. Whatever the next stage of your journey we wish you well. 

As a headteacher, I was always aware that for a few, yesterday may not have brought the results that they hoped for, to those students I send the message that these results are not life-defining. Sometimes life sends us the odd stumble to teach us how to recover. We advise these students to seek advice today, talk to experts and gather as much information as possible, where one door closes, another always opens!

A short analysis of the available data will follow below (we will follow up with more as it is released), but this is the time to stop, reflect and congratulate the next generation of designers, engineers and entrepreneurs and to fully appreciate and applaud the teachers that have helped them to get to this stage.

Analysis of available data

A Level

  • We have seen a drop in overall entries of 967 from last year (7.79%)
  • The overall reduction in male entries was 455 (5.92%)
  • The overall reduction in female entries was 512 (10.82%)
  • The A*-E Pass rate it relatively stable with a reduction overall of 0.7% (97.5% last year to 96.8% this year).
  • The number of students achieving the very top grades A*/B improved on last year at each grade (A* up 0.2%) (A*/A up 0.8%) (A*/B up 0.7%)
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