Designed for Life guest Spencer Metzger

Published 3rd August 2021

Designed for Life guest Spencer Metzger

When we started these podcasts, we wanted to bring inspirational people to you, working in fields that could stem from a design and technology education. A humbling spin-off from the podcasts has been the number of students nationally listening to the episodes and commenting on how some of the conversations held and advice given have directly affected them. 

In April this year, we were fortunate to have Spencer on as a guest. Spencer’s journey is incredible, from phoning with his mum to try to arrange a week’s work experience while still at school to “the best restaurants in London - As identified by Google” to Premier Sous Chef at the Ritz before hitting the age of thirty.

We are delighted to inform you that Spencer has recently been promoted to Head Chef at the Ritz Restaurant, Mayfair. One of the youngest chefs ever to be promoted to this prestigious position. Spencer has also recently won an Acorn Award, a national award recognising the thirty rising stars in hospitality still aged under thirty!

If by chance you haven’t caught up with this episode yet, you can find it by searching for Designed for Life wherever you get your podcasts or can download directly from this link

Congratulations Spencer!


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