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Published 17th November 2020

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The new episode of Designed for Life, a podcast series brought to you by the Design and Technology Association in partnership with the Edge Foundation; we are in conversation with designer and technologist Jude Pullen.

Winner of the 2020 Alastair Graham-Bryce "Imagineering" Award (Institution of Mechanical Engineers), Jude is a Product Design Engineer with an unparalleled appetite to investigate each subject matter that crosses his path. 

With a passion for bridging seemingly disparate disciplines, he is fascinated by fresh design challenges, be they human, mechanical, or virtual. Exceptionally skilled at creating physical prototypes, he uses these models to explore design ideas, be they concepts for Dyson, a medical device for NHS, a fire-fighting robot, or a mini space-pod. 

Jude has worked with Speck Design, Dyson, Sugru and LEGO but is possibly best known to design and technology teachers for his appearance as part of the design team on the BBC's Big Life Fix which has become something of an iconic show for design and technology teachers nationally (currently being repeated).

Jude recently delivered a keynote as part of the Design and Technology Association's Autumn School. In the conversations leading to this keynote entitled "Not a Ted Talk", he was keen to avoid the 'easy option' of delivering a speech detailing his rich career to date. He was instead eager to explore the nature of design and technology teaching and what the future might hold for the subject.

Teachers attending the Autumn School session were challenged to step forward to help form a group raising a hand to explore what might be possible in school with the support of Jude and some of his professional network of colleagues. That invitation is extended to D&T teachers listening to this podcast. 

This episode has something for teachers, students of D&T and for parents alike. So, sit back, plug in, and enjoy the D&T Association in conversation with Jude Pullen.

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