Designed for Life - In conversation with Pim van Baarsen

Published 9th December 2020

The next next episode in the series of Designed for Life is now live. We are fortunate to be in conversation with Pim van Baarsen CEO of the Silverstone Technology Cluster, a high-tech business group situated geographically within an hours drive of the Silverstone race circuit.

See the files below for some clips to whet your appetite to listen to the whole podcast and here is the direct link to the podcast

Pim joined the Motorsport Industry Association after completing a Master’s degree in business studies. During his time there he was presented with the AIM Young Business Person of the Year award for his efforts in helping the organisation grow.

He subsequently joined transmission specialists Xtrac where he oversaw their sportscar activities. After two years there he was invited to join Haymarket as Group Marketing Manager.

In 2010, Pim co-founded CMA Marketing, a marketing agency specialising in technical B2B marketing.

In December 2016 Pim was asked to head up the Silverstone Technology Cluster and has been doing what he describes in the podcast as his 'dream job' since.

In 2016, research was published that identified the cluster around Silverstone, an area spanning as far as Birmingham, Oxford, Cambridge and Luton, in which approximately 4,500 businesses reside who specialise in advanced engineering, electronics and software. As a result of this research, the Silverstone Technology Cluster (STC) organisation was founded

This podcast follows Pim's journey from school in the Netherlands through his dual degree taken at Plymouth University to his current post. We talk about how high-tech industries have reacted to the challenges posed by COVID-19 and how we can better join the worlds of education and industry to showcase an exciting emerging job market.  Pim gives his advice to students even vaguely interested in working in the tech sector - A great conversation with something in there for everyone!

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