Ebacc Debate in Parliament on Monday 4 July 2016

Published 4th May 2016

The petition on the parliament website calling for expressive arts to be included in the Ebacc, and which was backed by the D&T Association and the Bacc for the Future campaign, has received over 100,000 signatures and, as a result, is going to be debated in Parliament on Monday 4th July at 4.30pm.

Although the petition talks about expressive arts the debate will be about the increasing marginalisation of all technical, creative and artistic subjects as a result of the Ebacc accountability measure. To make sure as many MPs as possible engage in this debate it is vitally important that you write to/email your local MP (MP contact details can be found here)  to raise your concerns over this issue. Please write a personal letter as we know MPs respond more positively to genuine letters from their constituents. However, if you have limited time you can use our template letter below. You will also be able to watch the debate live or as a download at parliamentlive.tv

This debate is an opportunity to build on the support for Design and Technology from MPs who took part in the Westminster Hall debate on the ‘Inclusion of D&T as an Ebacc subject’ which was called by Michelle Donelan MP on 15th March 2016.

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