Edge Foundation - 6 December Christmas Webinar

Published 24th November 2021

The Edge Foundation is an independent foundation working to inspire the education system to give all young people across the UK the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to flourish in their future life and work.

Join them for a free webinar on 6 December 14.00-1500

Lessons on how to create a career with purpose

About this event:

The average person in the UK will spend around a third of their lives at work, so making the connection between what makes us happy and what we do for a living has never been so relevant. In this session, Tim Tamashiro will explain the philosophy of Ikigai and how it can be used as a guide to fulfilling work.

Tim Tamashiro is the author of the Amazon #1 bestselling book, How To Ikigai. He’s a speaker, singer and explorer. For a decade Tim hosted a nightly national jazz programme on Radio 2 for Canadian public broadcaster, CBC. He departed to study positive psychology, wellbeing and Ikigai (life’s worth) with a yearlong “Ikigap year”.

Ikigai is an ancient philosophy from Okinawa, Japan. It encourages all people to live your "life's worth". Studies show that the pillars of Ikigai support overall wellbeing. Each person has an ikigai that, once understood, will enhance daily life and personal fulfilment. Best of all, Ikigai is a map with four directions to follow:

  • Do what you love
  • Do what you're good at
  • Do what the world needs
  • Do what you can be rewarded for

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