Engineer a Better World – and the importance of D&T

Published 3rd December 2015

At the end of March the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) launched its ‘Engineer a Better World’ campaign, aimed at telling parents and children, particularly girls (women make up only 6% of the engineering workforce), about the diverse range of creative, exciting and challenging careers in modern engineering.

The research report, which can be downloaded from, confirms the important role of D&T as a STEM subject – a very positive and welcome position from the IET when many STEM initiatives still focus almost exclusively on science and maths. The importance of design, creativity and problem solving as integral parts of engineering are also highlighted.

Many of the findings we have known anecdotally for some time – but the research also tells us that if we can consistently show parents and girls how creative, interesting and varied engineering jobs can be, three quarters of parents would encourage their children to become engineers, including two thirds of parents with girls.

The IET has also produced a short film to demonstrate young people’s natural fascination with everyday engineering problems and solutions – this can also be downloaded from the website along with more information for parents.

You can join the Twitter conversation @TheIet #LittleEngineers.


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