Engineer Your Future

Published 3rd December 2015

Could you shape the world we live in? Find out if you’ve got the problem-solving, big-thinking, team-working skills to be a globe-trotting engineer of tomorrow.

Visit the Science Museums interactive exhibition for teens thinking about their futures, Engineer Your Future, where you can:

  • Play Rugged Rovers: Design a space rover that will travel the furthest across a challenging alien landscape full of jumps, boulders and slopes. Can you problem-solve and beat your friends’ creations?
  • Test your brain’s ability to think about the big picture: Play a game to build and test systems inspired by some seriously complex engineering, from electrical grids to rail networks and baggage handling systems.
  • Watch a beautiful short film We Engineer: Find out how engineers make the best better at some of the country’s most hi-tech test labs and see their cutting-edge test models on display.
  • Surprise yourself: Play FutureVille to explore a city of the not-too-distant future and meet the women and men who engineer in places you didn’t expect, from hospitals to Hollywood.

Inspired? Then let us show you how to be an engineer of the future with these hand-picked career links.

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