EngineeringUK Launch Neon

Published 7th October 2020

Neon launches to help teachers to source Covid-secure engineering outreach activities and ensure young people don’t miss out on vital careers support

In an environment of increased career anxiety for young people, recent research from EngineeringUK found that during lockdown (March to July 2020) 76% had not taken part in any formal careers activity, such as a careers guidance session or an online work experience.

With the majority of young people feeling that the coronavirus pandemic will adversely affect the educational routes and job opportunities available to them, EngineeringUK has launched Neon ( a digital platform that gives teachers easy access to quality assured online and offline engineering outreach activities. For the first time, Neon brings together the UK’s engineering experiences and career resources in one place, bringing STEM careers to life. With the support of the engineering community Neon empowers teachers with the tools they need to engage young people in a career in the engineering sector, which makes up nearly 20% of the workforce.

Further research from EngineeringUK shows that young people who have taken part in a STEM careers activity are three times more likely to consider a career in engineering. However, only 13% of young people took part in any formal STEM related careers activity during lockdown

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