Examination Reform Update

Published 15th April 2016

Awarding organisations will now be putting their finishing touches to the draft design and technology GCSE and A level specifications to be submitted to Ofqual by 19th May 2016. Some consultation events have been held with teachers and other stakeholder groups to provide feedback to proposals.  We expect draft specifications to be made publicly available around this date. Ofqual then have 40 days to consider submissions and either validate or refer them back for additional work to be completed in order that they comply with associated content and regulations.  This means it is very likely that it will still be the draft specifications that will be referred to at the D&T Association’s annual summer school in July, with the hope that final versions are published in time for the beginning of the autumn term.

The D&T Association have already begun planning resources and one day CPD events for the autumn term.  These will assist teachers in a variety of ways, such as deciding which specifications best meet the interests of their students and specific circumstances, what the significant developments are, how they can be taught most effectively and how best to organise courses. 

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