Great British Make Off - The Whole Story

Published 3rd December 2015

2014 saw the first ever Great British Make Off, where we challenged students  aged 11-14 to create design concept with the potential to transform Britain’s latest sporting passion: cycling. Students could base their entry around one or one or more of textiles; product design; systems and control; and food technology. 

One of the reason we organised the Great British Make Off, was D&T in secondary schools, and the teachers who teach it, are under threat, and we wanted to highlight what we risk losing.

We wanted the Great British Make Off  to

  1. shine a light on the creative, innovative and practical skills D&T instills in children
  2. We wanted it to demonstrate the value of the subject that is, at best, often misrepresented and, at worst, completely ignored. It's a subject that develops essential skills and knowledge for all pupils, but particularly for those who will go on to work in our creative, engineering and manufacturing sectors. We hear a lot about STEM education – and we believe D&T has a major part to play in STEM - and therefore in addressing the skills shortages in these sectors
  3. We wanted the Great British Make Off  to show that we have a subject in our curriculum – we were the first in the world to introduce it 25 years ago - that is being looked at enviously by countries around the world and especially in the Far East at the very time we are at risk of losing it

We have put together a great video around the whole journey of the Great British Make Off, which gets across some very important messages from students, teachers, designers and the D&T Association on why we feel D&T is important.  Please help us to get the message out there and share this video with your colleagues, friends, on social media the wider the reach the more positive impact we are likely to make.     Click here to watch the video.

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