Half Term Heroes

Published 13th January 2016

We are pleased to announce that eight of our School Food Champions have achieved an increase of greater than 5% in the last half term (Nov - Dec 2015).

Our congratulations to:

Holly Hall Academy – Sophie Milosorov – 10.76% 

St Anthonys Girls Academy – Jo Sherriff – 12.29% 

Pitcheroak School – Bev Savage – 9.30% 

The Academy Selsey – Emma Watts – 22.88% 

Alec Hunter Academy – Christine Birrell – 10.50% 

Robert Napier - Jeanette Wessen - 25.81%

Brine Leas - Jade Downes - 26.50%

The Hayling College - Lorraine Mason - 8.89% 

It is fantastic to see the uptake figures increasing following the hard work and effort that has been put into promoting school meals this term.

There are a further seven schools that are close to achieving greater than 5% in half term eight and we hope to be able to congratulate them very soon.

Alec Hunter Academy, Pitcheroak School and Holly Hall Academy all achieved their third consecutive half term over 5% so huge congratulations to Christine, Bev and Sophie and thank you for your continued commitment to the School Food Champions Programme.

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