Health and Safety Essentials for D&T Workshop Technicians

Published 3rd December 2015

New Training Course for Technicians

The D&T Association Health and Safety Training Standards for D&T have been further extended by the addition of a new training course for Workshop Technicians: 'Essential H&S for D&T Technicians’.

Some 40 of the network of Registered D&T H&S Consultants spread across the country have trained in the Summer Term to deliver this course and details of all of these trainers can be found in the RDTHSC Trainers Directory on the website, To access training in your area, either contact these trainers direct, or call us on 01789 470007.

Aim of the course

The aim of this new D&T Association H&S training course is to provide both new and existing workshop technicians with the essential knowledge and understanding of H&S that will help them to provide quality support to staff and students in schools and colleges.

Who should attend the course?

This training will benefit all workshop technicians in Secondary schools, colleges and other education establishments. The course is suitable for both new technicians wishing to gain a basic understanding of H&S and best practice within a modern D&T department, and will also be of benefit to experienced technicians wishing to extend their existing knowledge and understanding of H&S.

Content of the course

The course provides certification on the D&T Association H&S Training Standards S12HS ‘H&S for Technicians’ and covers 5 key topics, i.e.:

  • Understanding H&S legislation and documentation
  • Supporting the D&T curriculum
  • Ensuring a safe working environment for D&T
  • Managing D&T resources
  • Establishing maintenance procedures

Technicians attending the course will undertake a variety of practical activities to develop their knowledge and understanding of these 5 topics.

In addition to this course, the D&T Association advises all technicians to also attend training in order to achieve certification on the Specialist and Specialist Extension Level H&S Training Standards so that they can develop their practical knowledge, skills and understanding of working across the range of machinery and equipment used in D&T workshops.

For more information call Health and Safety on 01789 470007

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