HMI Diana Choulerton’s Summer School keynote sets out challenges facing D&T

Published 3rd December 2015

HMI Diana Choulerton’s keynote, on Thursday, the first day of the Summer School, clearly outlined the challenges facing the subject. However, we must not forget the successes achieved over the last 25 years and the regard in which UK D&T education is held by other countries and the support it receives from high profile individuals and organisations. 

The D&T Association’s keynote on Friday described the successes and support as well as agreeing with the challenges identified by Diana. It went on to describe what needs to be done to address the challenges and what the D&T Association is doing to achieve this.

The potential changes to GCSE and A level examinations were also explored and the considerable opportunities this offers for subject development.  The Friday keynote also provided a preview of a new Association campaign, “Designed and Made in Britain …?”, which will be launched in September to demonstrate the value of D&T education to all pupils, what needs to be done to address the challenges the subject currently faces and what will be lost if these are not addressed.

Look out for a full video footage of both keynote presentations from the Summer School over the next few days. They will be free to all D&T Association members so please remember to check the website.

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