iD&T West Midlands - Taking Risks

Published 11th January 2017

The project continues to gather momentum and last month was busy visiting schools and observing how teachers were using the KS3 Key Resource units that they had chosen to trial. Of particular interest was the Core Skills unit for Early KS3 which focusses on learning to communicate ideas through sketching. The same basic PowerPoint slides were being used but delivered and adapted in a number of ways to suit each particular school.  This was wonderful to see as it is exactly what was intended when the KS3 resources were conceived!

Handsworth Grammar School broke with tradition with both teacher and pupils taking risks with rapid modelling to solve the Practical Action Floating Garden Challenge – great fun with plenty of learning built in.

Next term we have a Secondary Crumble Programming course planned and other CPD based around handling collections, working with metals and developing engineering based practical skills.

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