Independent Review for Self Review Framework (SRF)

Published 14th April 2016

Take a look at this months Teach Secondary featuring a fantastic independent product review of the Self-Review Framework, by John Dabell.

A really positive review, with an overall verdict, recorded as an "Excellence on Reflection". 

"The D&T Self -Review Framework is a exceptional tool which engages staff, saves time, brings self-evaluation and school improvement together. It simplifies monitoring and enables you to be inspection ready, fostering a spirit of enquiry and robust analysis that will be part and parcel of your weekly practice." Read the full review

Register for the Self-Review Framework now,  free for departmental members. If you're not already a departmental member upgrade your existing membership by calling us on 01789 470007. You can sign up to departmental membership online and include membership for four members of your team.

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