Inspire the Next Generation of Engineers with the Made Here Now new Website

Published 9th February 2017

Made Here Now is celebrating a major milestone with the launch of a new website at, containing inspirational videos, success stories and photography.

Backed by 37 sponsors, including manufacturers, academic institutions, trade associations, government bodies and charities, the website is aimed at young people wanting to find out what careers are available in the sector as well as Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) teachers seeking ways to inspire their own students.

Among the new stories that feature on the website is an exclusive about how Britain is moving up the world manufacturing league table. The article shows that the UK was the world's eighth-biggest nation by manufacturing output in 2015 – the most recent year for which internationally comparable data are available – with just over 2 per cent of total output. This is according to calculations by Made Here Now based on the latest figures from the United Nations' statistical database. Find out more here.

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