Interested in contributing to Primary and Secondary D&T lessons for BBC Bitesize?

Published 22nd April 2020

In the current spirit of volunteering and doing what we can, the BBC are looking for a number of teachers to assist them develop D&T lessons which will be shared with the whole nation. The Design and Technology Association have been approached to help the BBC find expert teacher contributors to get involved in BBC Bitesize, Design and Technology for primary and secondary pupils.


Each ‘lesson’ should have a topic, be appropriate to an age group and have a template for guidance. In the interests of quality assurance, the BBC are hoping to enlist teams of three teachers, working to peer review each other's work. One teacher in the group will write a lesson and the other two will comment and contribute in order to provide high quality lessons. Then a different teacher in the group writes the next lesson, peer reviewed by the other two in the group… and so on. Teachers can contribute to as many lessons as they are able. There is no ongoing commitment required. 


If you are interested in getting involved or just want to find out more, then please express your interest and the age groups for which you would like to contribute, to Hannah Birch at the BBC on hannahfraserbirch@gmail.comHannah Birch is a Trustee of the Design and Technology Association and Research Engineer, BBC Research and Development.


The ‘lesson’ at the primary level should be able to be done at home with the guidance of a parent. The ‘lesson’ for secondary level should have everything to enable the student to self-study with no help from parents or teachers.


The BBC Bitesize content is still shaping and developing. The aim is that the BBC, with the help of design and technology teachers, will release weekly ‘lessons’ for Key Stages 1-4. More information will be shared with those who express an interest in being involved as this initiative grows and matures. The intention is to start producing lessons for the 4th May onwards.


Thank you for your consideration.


We look forward to hearing from many of you.


Tony Ryan

Chief Executive


Hannah Birch Trustee

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