Introducing D&T Projects in Primary Schools

Published 6th May 2022

The Design and Technology Association recently held an engaging and practical Primary D&T Workshop at our new training suite in Banbury on the 29th of April. The session was delivered by our in-house trainer Ryan Ball who has over 17 years of extensive design and teaching experience. 

The session comprised a mix of demonstrations and hands-on practicals to help teachers build confidence and gain a more rounded understanding of the technical aspects of the KS1 and KS2 National Curriculum. 

The practical sessions showcased several fantastic activities which spanned the fields of structures, mechanisms, electronics, and textiles whilst also touching on C.A.D and C.A.M. The activities were specifically designed to incorporate as many materials, tools and processes as possible, to build confidence and an understanding of how they can be used in the classroom with primary aged pupils.

There was also a range of tips and tricks intertwined within the training to help avoid pitfalls or problems that can commonly arise during these sorts of practical sessions within a classroom setting. 

This was a close-knit session of just 6 teachers which allowed for a mix of one-to-one time alongside demonstrations. Ryan comments, ‘The group dynamics on the day were wonderful. It was a relaxed, yet purposeful and productive day. Having a small group meant that people were comfortable asking questions, sharing experiences, and like in many lessons in class, we went off into unexpected directions at times due to interest and enquiries into other areas, which was great!

Although everyone worked on their own, producing their products and resources, there was a strong group support element, with people helping each other out throughout the day.’

Feedback from the session has been incredibly positive with many highlighting the value of taking part in the training. Rachel Coling from Wells Cathedral School attended the course and remarks, ‘The practical nature of the day was brilliant. To go through the steps the children would have to do with a knowledgeable teacher was invaluable. I will use all four tasks in my lessons and adapt them to suit the school’s creative curriculum. It really was a fantastic CPD course’

The feedback indicates that the content and tasks have achieved the overall objective to educate, inspire and build on skills to help delegates deliver outstanding D&T lessons.

Ryan goes on to explain 'I am pretty certain that confidence increased massively by the end of the day. Whilst the delegates all successfully created four products each, they also left with an understanding and confidence to adapt what they had learnt and implement into the classroom and help empower other staff and their pupils.

Some of the main issues I have seen and heard relating to D&T in primary schools is around staff confidence and an over-emphasis on a craft-based outcome. The day helps to give teachers the confidence in using a range of tools, materials, and machinery to create quality D&T outcomes. Alongside this are suggestions and discussions on how this can be used as a vehicle for teaching problem-solving, creativity and resilience with pupils in D&T and step away from a ‘making -by-numbers’ approach. So, whilst the day is based around making and increasing confidence, the really rich learning comes in the discussions and light-bulb moments of what can be done when the course finishes and you are back at school with your pupils and staff.'

All of our future upcoming training courses can be viewed and booked via our website.

Training is offered at a discounted rate for members to ensure accessibility, and we also offer a primary school membership bundle to further reduce costs and provide the best possible package of support.

Alongside subsidised training opportunities, you will receive a major classroom resource with your membership: Projects on a Page and The Primary Subject Leader File in year two. Additionally you can access our Self-Review Framework, designed to help you assess the quality and effectiveness of all aspects of D&T provision in your school. Join the countless schools, MATs, and Trusts by taking advantage of this membership package. Contact for more information. 


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