Jonathan Ive: "Fewer designers are interested in how things are made"

Published 6th May 2016

Jonathan Ive, Apple's Chief Design Officer was speaking at the Manus x Machina Exhibition at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art about how "designers are losing the understanding and the nature and potential of materials gained from creating things by hand".

Is it possible to design without knowing materials through the grasp of basic handmaking? The how, is of course significant, in understanding the properties of materials being used to create well thought out designs. Sir Jony goes on to talk about his own experiences of growing up with a dad who raised him "with the fundamental belief that it is only when you personally work with a material with your hands, that you come to understand its true nature, its characteristics, its attributes, and I think – very importantly – its potential."

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"D&T is, and always has been, about designing AND making. It's unique contribution to the curriculum is that pupils not only learn design thinking but also how things are made and how materials perform and can be worked - exactly what Sir Jony is describing. It’s great to hear him advocating the importance of D&T education!" Richard Green, Chief Executive, D&T Association.

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