Loughborough Grammar School wins Young Engineer of the Year at Big Bang 2017

Published 17th March 2017

Loughborough Grammar School’s Team, Member of the Design & Technology Association,  MediVest wins Young Engineer of the Year Award with an innovative medical product designed to support epileptic patients.
The Big Bang Competition is a highlight of the Design and Technology calendar, and we would like to congratulate Loughborough Grammar School on their strong performance in competition. 
One of three finalists representing the school, 2017’s winning project, by David Bernstein; Sankha K.Gamage Hari Jethwa,  is a vest designed with technology to monitor a person’s heart rate, body temperature, and blood pressure and linked to an app. 
As a member of the Design and Technology Association, we applaud LGS continuing commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. 
With 52 member schools participating in the event, the breadth of innovation in the shortlisted student projects clearly demonstrates the value of design and technology in the context of STEM subjects – linking academic principles with the practical problem solving skills of how to design and make products that improve the world around us.  
We look forward to next years event!
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