Moving Forward with iD&T West Midlands

Published 20th December 2016

The iD&T:WM programme has been busy, with the schools continuing to deliver Key Resource units.  Heidi has visited more schools to watch the units being delivered, and continues to be impressed with the way each teacher has adapted them to suit their students. Special mention to   Wood Green Academy where a non-specialist textiles teacher took on “Technology in Society: The Wider Use of Textiles in Society” and kept year 8 fully engaged whilst challenging their preconceptions of textiles.

The Secondary Crumble Programming course earlier this month was a great success. A free event for participating teachers, this was a practical session, starting with the use of conductive dough as a way of engaging students in programmable components. The teachers had plenty of opportunities to programme the Crumble, and explore ways in which they could introduce programming to their students from Year 7.  Mutual support and idea sharing was also key to the success of the day.

Twilight sessions this month will focus on the use of handling collections and supporting the delivery of “Properties of Materials “within the Core element of the new D&T GCSE.

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