My Cooking Counts

Published 3rd December 2015

My Cooking Counts allows secondary school pupils to record everything they cook, identify and assess food skills demonstrated and track the main food groups they use. It also allows them to upload a photo of the dish that they have made! My Cooking Counts can be used at school or at home, allowing pupils instant access to this new innovative resource. 

My Cooking Counts allows teachers to monitor and track pupils’ progress over time or a series of lessons, as well as over a Key Stage. It provides invaluable data to support reporting, focusing on what pupils cook, the type of food skills demonstrated and main food groups used. This data could be used for reviewing lessons, promoting the achievements of the pupils and supporting assessment. Certificates can also be generated and printed at any time, providing useful monitoring feedback. Teachers can also review progress for a Year Group, Key Stage or the entire school!

My Cooking Counts is brought to you by Meat and Education and AHDB, and has been developed in collaboration with the British Nutrition Foundation. It has been extensively piloted by schools and pupils, ensuring that it supports good food education. My Cooking Counts is free to use for all secondary schools (or equivalent) in England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Pupils can:

• record their own recipes (and photos)
• assess their own food skills
• track the main ingredients they use
• receive certificates of achievement

Teachers can:

• share their own recipes
• track and monitor pupils cooking achievements and recipe repertoire
• access reports about the number of pupils that have cooked (savoury and sweet), food skills demonstrated and food groups used (for any date period, Year Group or Key stage).

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