National Careers Service and Mental Health UK partner to support students on Exam Results Days

Published 6th August 2019

With results days for certain vocational qualifications (14 August), A levels (15 August) and GCSEs (22 August) just around the corner, the Exam Results Helpline provided by the National Careers Service has partnered with Mental Health UK to help students make the most of the opportunities their results will provide.

The Exam Results Helpline is a source of free, impartial advice after receiving results and is available to all parents, teachers and students. Run by the Department for Education’s National Careers Service, people can use the helpline to get advice on what to do if a student does better or worse than expected in their exams, or if they get the results they hoped for but aren’t sure what steps to take next. The dedicated team of careers advisers offer impartial advice on the different options available to young people.

Ahead of the results days, the National Careers Service and Mental Health UK will be co-releasing content with tips and advice for young people on managing their emotions on the day and what to do if their exam results are unexpected.

Ahead of results days, we can offer:

  • A video featuring the Exam Results Helpline careers advisers explaining the different options on offer to people when they are unsure of their next steps after their results
  • 10 top tips from Mental Health UK on managing emotion on the day
  • Interviews with:
    • careers advisers from the Exam Results Helpline, Tom Laws and Sophie Graham, who can discuss their experience of working at the Exam Results Helpline and share top tips and advice on what to do on the day
    • mental health experts from Mental Health UK, Laura Peters (Head of Advice and Information, MHUK) and Emma Carrington (Advice and Information Service Manager, MHUK) to discuss the effect of exam pressure on young people’s mental health and how people can best equip themselves
  • A GIF covering top tips for the day
  • Articles, interviews and features content offering:
    • The most unusual calls received at the Exam Results Helpline e.g. ‘how do I become an influencer?’
    • What to do if you don’t get the results you wanted
    • What to do if you get better results than you were expecting
    • Different routes on offer to young people, including some key facts and stats on the options young people choose
    • Advice and tops tips for students receiving exam results this year
    • A day in the life of someone working on the Exam Results Helpline


Samrita Hayer, Careers Adviser at the National Careers Service Exam Results Helpline says: “Exam results day can cause anxiety for both young people and their parents alike, which is why it’s really important to make sure they are seeking proper advice from the experts about what their results mean for them and what to do next. The different routes on offer to young people are varied and personal and there’s no one set answer or perfect formula (if you get x, do y). Young people need to make sure that they are making the right decisions based on their own strengths, interests and all the options available. By giving the Exam Results Helpline a call they will receive free, expert advice, tailored to their strengths and interests.”


Laura Peters, Head of Advice and Information Services, Mental Health UK says:Exam results can be a stressful time. This means it is very important that young people put their mental health first and make sure they are taking care of themselves. Out top tips are a great place to start. Students can also give the Exam Results Helpline a call for expert careers advice about what to do after exam results, if they are feeling unsure of their next step.”


The helpline number (0800 100 900) will be available between the hours of 8am – 10pm and will be available from 14 August, the day certain vocational results are issued and close on 29 August, following GCSE results day. Further info can also be found via the National Careers Service website:


Expert advice can also be accessed through the Exam Results Helpline social channels, see below:

  • Twitter - @ExamResults2019 or use #ExamResultsLive to ask a question
  • Facebook - Exam Results Helpline Event page
  • LinkedIn - Exam Results Helpline Showcase page



For more information, please email

Further information about the patners

The National Careers Service

  • The National Careers Service provides free, up to date, impartial information, advice and guidance on careers, skills and the labour market, across England, to anyone over the age of 13.
  • The National Careers Service website provides a personalised online experience with information and tools to enable people to self-serve and to enable careers advisers, teachers, parents and other intermediaries to support.

The Exam Results Helpline

  • The Exam Results Helpline, delivered by the National Careers Service will be available in August to provide additional support to students (and their parents) as they receive their exam results.
  • Callers to the helpline will have direct access to experienced careers advisers who can advise on all the different options available to them including A-levels, GCSEs, BTECs, apprenticeships and other vocational options. Other support will be available on topics such as clearing, university, gap years, moving away from home and re-sits.
  • The helpline will be available on 0800 100 900 from 8am to 10pm 7 days a week. Calls are free from landlines and most mobile numbers.
  • Students looking for help with clearing or their UCAS application should contact UCAS at com/contact-us



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