New D&T GCSE and A level update

Published 26th October 2016

Awarding organisations (AOs) submitted their draft specifications for the new single title D&T GCSE, GCE AS and A level to the regulating body Ofqual, in May 2016. Ofqual established a subject specific group to scrutinise these and make recommendations.  The group referred all of the first submissions back to the AOs with details of amendments they need to make and issues that need addressing.  The detail of this feedback is not published.  This is all normal and similar to the experience of other subjects going the through the accreditation process. We are not surprised that none made it through on first submission. To date, only OCR have had their resubmitted draft accepted and this is now published in its final form

Update 07/11 - Since writing this news piece Edexcel have had their drafts accepted (Edexcel draft form).

Please read the progress and status of each submission for more information.

We are still hopeful that the remaining GCSE specifications to be approved will successfully emerge from the process over the second half of the autumn term. 

GCE A level specifications undergo a similar process of scrutiny. Those submitted were also returned for further work which AOs are currently addressing.  We are hoping that these will also be published by the end of the year although this is likely to slip into the spring term. This still allows 2 school terms for planning how to teach them, starting in September 2017.


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