New Free Gallery-based Sessions

Published 3rd December 2015

The new Schools Programme for 2014/15 at the V&A is now open for bookings. 

New free gallery-based sessions are available led by professional artists and designers, these sessions develop understanding of historical and cross-cultural objects through innovative hands-on activities.

Invent - Discover intriguing and unusual design solutions from the past to inspire ingenious inventions using a range of carefully selected everyday objects that encourage thinking and making skills.

3–7 November, 26–30 January, 6–10 July

Draw - Investigate the shape and form of objects through experimental drawing techniques to develop research and observational skills.

22–26 September, 2–6 February, 18–22 May

Embellish - Examine and discuss the design of textiles and patterns from different cultures and historical periods before experimenting with creating new designs inspired by what you have seen.

20–24 October, 23–27 February, 15–19 June

Capture - Explore the history of photography and learn about the language of the medium, such as detail and vantage point, to use as inspiration to create your own camera-less image.

1–5 December, 9–13 March, 1–5 June

Perform - Find out how live shows are put together, look at iconic poster and set designs, and try on real theatre costumes.

6–10 October, 23–27 March, 29–30 June & 1–3 July

Download the brochure to find out about new sessions and events here.

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