New Membership Options to help D&T Teachers Now

Published 17th April 2020

The D&T Association is determined to support as many D&T teachers as possible at this difficult time and is seeking to make available a wealth of high-quality free online resources to as many teachers as possible. Some of you may be at home caring for family or self-isolating and others will still be in school or setting work for students to complete remotely. All of you will be doing your very best for your students and we want to help you with this.

With the GCSE, AS and A Level exam grade process now in place and finalised with Ofqual and the awarding organisations, I am sure that much of your focus will be on making certain your KS3 and current Year 10s and 12s do not miss out on valuable learning opportunities through these difficult times. We can assist and support you in successfully achieving this objective.

How we can help?

We are doing several things to benefit members. We have recently made a long list of resources free of charge for our members, these have been added in addition to the free items released in January this year. These collective moves mean that now, almost 80% of our online content is free to download to members.

Also, for a short time, we are offering two-year membership packages to schools at a reduced rate. This will ensure that we are supporting new members now giving you access to a wide range of free resources while at the same time ensuring that we will be with you when we finally get through this crisis, offering ongoing help at a time when all education professionals will be working hard to regain student and parent confidence and returning to the task of re-establishing some sense of normality.

Primary School membership is normally £90 for a year; we are offering you two years of membership for £150 (a reduction of £30)

Secondary Departmental membership is normally £225 for a year and again we are offering you a two-year membership for £390 (a reduction of £60)

We are fully committed to our charitable aims and accordingly are not seeking to profit in any way from these difficult times, but we do have to ensure that we continue operating and continue to support you, your students and the subject in schools through and beyond the current crisis. This price reduction is launched in order to provide access to resources now, while also enabling schools to save and demonstrate a longer-term commitment to the subject.

Basic Membership

Primary and Secondary Basic Membership has just got better. For a limited period, we are making further resources available free of charge in addition to the existing curriculum toolkit. This is a taste of what is available for full membership categories but will hopefully prove useful in the current climate.

To access the new packs of resources go to The Primary or Secondary Curriculum toolkit pages and see what is new.

You can continue to contact us on 01789 470007 or email

Please let us know if there is anything else that we can do to support the D&T community by contacting us at

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