PPE equipment for front line clinical and care workers

Published 2nd April 2020

Information on D&T efforts nationally to provide school manufactured PPE equipment to front line clinical and care workers

I would like to open by thanking each and every one of you who have taken the initiative to use your considerable personal expertise and the equipment and machinery available to you in school, to produce visors for use by front line workers over the last few weeks. Not a day goes by where we do not see another ‘good news’ story emerging from a design and technology department doing their best to assist clinical and care workers in these difficult times.

I use the story on this link (posted today) to exemplify the positive impact that this is having where it is needed most.

We have been contacted by a number of members currently active in this work, who have expressed a need for even more departments to get involved. These teachers have also expressed a desire for central organisation of D&T department efforts nationally to improve consistency of design, manufacture, sanitisation, distribution and the supply of raw materials.

Working closely with our colleagues at the Royal Society and The Royal Academy of Engineering, we are this afternoon approaching government to ascertain the collective role that design and technology departments could make over coming weeks and seeking support from central government. The D&T Association has volunteered to take a coordinating role in this work.

Please keep an eye on our website www.data.org.uk for further information and updates. To get involved or for further information please contact info@data.org.uk 

Tony Ryan
Chief Executive Officer
Design and Technology Association

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