Primary Crumble Kits now available

Published 29th March 2017

Primary Crumble Controller Starter Kit and Crumble-friendly Components Packs are now available to buy online, in the resource shop. You can also purchase the starter kit as a bundle with additional support materials with two updated versions of Projects on a Page Primary Crumble Planners for early and late Key Stage 2.

The Crumble is an easy-to-use programmable controller that is proving really popular with its simple to learn, software and quick and easy connections. The original Crumble and components have now been updated for easier and safer use by primary-age children, with a new switched battery box and adapted switch. Connections are through crocodile clips and the software is FREE to download and simple to use. The Crumble can digitally control full-colour LEDs, called Sparkles (two are included).

The components pack has a range of eight components (‘Crumbs’) that allow users to design and make a range of products using the bulbs, LED, buzzer and five different input switches and sensors. Standard symbols and wiring guidance are printed on the back of the Crumbs, aiding the teaching of basic electronic circuits, with or without the Crumble.

The Crumble software runs on PC, Mac and Linux (including the Raspberry Pi). Inspired by MIT Scratch, programs are simply built by snapping blocks together on screen. Sending a program to the Crumble is almost instant, allowing rapid experimentation and instant results, always important for this age of pupil.

 “They loved the Crumble from the outset – even programming it simply to turn an LED on and off was a source of great excitement! They quickly learned how to attach and program the sparkle, motor, buzzer and filament bulb, with little input from me”.

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