Primary "Race for the Line" Model Rocket Car Competition

Published 11th January 2017

The Micro:bit Foundation has confirmed that Primary schools in England and Wales, who take part in the "Race for the Line" Model Rocket Car Competition, will each receive a Free BBC micro:bit.

This means not only does each Primary School receive 5 free model rocket car kits, but also a FREE BBC micro:bit to support coding in school.

1. Sign in/or create your Dendrite account using your email address.

2. Click on your profile to accept the invitation into your host STEM Community.

3. Locate and join your local RACE HUB via the HUB MAP.

Dendrite will arrange for your Micro:bit to be added to your free rocket car kits supplied by BLOODHOUND SSC.

Secondary schools get free rocket car kits only, as the BBC shipped Micro:bits to you last academic year. For questions ask "the experts" in the Race for the Line National community -

Follow this link to visit Dendrite: Dendrite.

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