Promoting D&T in School with iD&T

Published 8th March 2017

The iD&T:WM schools are continuing to deliver Key Resource units; ranging from the shorter Tech in Society units, through to the longer Design and Make, Lanterns and Mood lighting projects.  Heidi is regularly visiting the schools, and is pleased to see how the units are being delivered in the different schools.

We have been encouraging our schools to rethink how they promote D&T across all platforms.  One of our schools, Wolverhampton Girls’ High School, took the opportunity to involve the D&T department in a recent enrichment day at the school, running a food and textiles challenge which were both over-subscribed. 

Sancha Woods, Head of Department used an iterative design approach with a textiles Newspaper Dress challenge.  Working in groups, each team was given a mannequin, a pile of newspapers, a couple of rolls of tape, pins and a Brief to "Make a Statement" with a dress from an era of their choice. Sancha reports, “We had an eighties, fifties, Victorian and Elizabethan dress that all turned out amazingly, surpassing all my expectations- we were the talk of the school! It has gone a long way to raise our profile in school and the mannequins are now positioned proudly outside the Head's office in the main entrance hall! - a very good day for D&T!”  The outcomes have also been reported in the local paper, providing the department and the school with some wonderful publicity.

We have a busy term, with the rescheduled twilight meetings focusing on the use of handling collections and supporting the delivery of ‘Properties of Materials’ within the core element of the new D&T GCSE taking place in March.  The following twilight meeting will focus on engineering and developing industry links.

We will be attending a networking event for teachers and STEM Ambassadors in the Coventry and Warwickshire area on Monday 6th March.  This free event for teachers, is an opportunity to network, meet the West Midlands STEM Ambassador Hub team and learn about the opportunities The IET and the IMEchE have to support schools.  Further details -

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