Protect and Promote Design and Technology

Published 26th October 2020

We request that the Department for Education reconsiders its decision for 2021 and to reinstate the D&T trainee teacher bursary for 2022

As a previous supporter of Design and Technology and the D&T Association please help and support the Protect and Promote Design and Technology campaign. Take a moment to read the campaign details and please sign our petition

We intend:

  • to recruit business leaders to voice their support of design and technology publicly and to back our demands to reinstate the D&T trainee teacher bursary.
  • increase existing communication with key personnel at the DfE to demonstrate how vital the subject is and the consequences of reduced teacher recruitment
  • to work with industry partners and other funding sources to attempt to raise bursaries for three design and technology ITT trainees for 2021.
  • engage higher education on a marketing campaign to promote the benefits of a career in design and technology teaching.

Four easy ways to get involved with Protect and Promote D&T

  1. Join the campaign by signing the petition
  2. Write to your local MP (download a template letter) and explain your concerns... find out how
  3. Write to the Secretary of State and MP for South Staffordshire - The Right Honourable Gavin Williamson ... find out how
  4. Explain the value of the subject to parents, local employers, school governors and head teachers and ask them to join the campaign

Use social media to add your comments to the campaign:


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