Research Steering Group

Published 18th June 2021

The D&T Association Research Steering Group was launched in May 2021 to encourage and support D&T educational research. The group aims to connect teachers involved with, or interested in, D&T research; actively supporting members to engaging in practitioner enquiry.

The group is comprised of teachers, teacher educators and association trustees; the founding members being

  • Brendan Anglim (Ampleforth College),
  • Alison Hardy (Nottingham Trent University),
  • Matt McLain (Liverpool John Moores University),
  • Lesley Morris (D&TA Chair of Trustees),
  • Bill Nicholl (University of Cambridge),
  • Tony Ryan (D&TA CEO),
  • Daniela Schillaci (Presdales School),
  • Kay Stables (Goldsmiths University of London),
  • Rebecca Topps (St George‚Äôs Academy) and
  • Debi Winn (Neale-Wade Academy).

If you are interested in finding out more, contact Matt (group chair) on

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