Running for the Futures

Published 26th November 2018

The final of the Running for the Futures event went very well, with good feedback from the students, teachers and parents.

Mr. Mingsheng Zhang, the president of Shanghai Institute of Education and former director of Shanghai Education Commission, delivered the closing speech at the final contest. He affirmed the achievements of Shanghai's reform of Design and Technology Curriculum in the past 30 years and he said he was impressed by students' creativity and knowledge at new technologies. 

"Students are the future of our society. They will one day become scientists and engineers, and they will reshape our lives and change the world."

Since 2014, The D&T Association has been working with an organisation called Novtt and the Ministry of Education in Shanghai, to develop design, technology and engineering education. This has involved members of the D&T Association Executive and consultants visiting Shanghai to provide them with advice, curriculum materials and run courses of CPD for teachers.

Connected with the initiative, has been the successful running of three weekend events called ‘Running for the Future’.  These involve school students coming together in a Shanghai school, to take part in intensive activity, designing, making and solving practical problems.

This year, 164 students from 48 different schools nationwide took part. Students are set a theme to work to, this year: Design a Future Shop That Provides Interactive Experience For Customers. This involved the use of a wide variety of skills including investigation, designing, working collaboratively and also a range of technical skills such as use of: 3D design using Autodesk Inventor / Fusion 360 / Slicer 3D CAD software and coding on Crumble micro controllers.

Students were required to come up with creative ideas and run simulations using CAD software before modelling their unique shop of the future. In the final contest all finalists presented their work to a panel of judges made up of teachers and experts and answer their questions.

The quality of the work that has been produced in previous years has been extremely high and is creating a great deal of interest in China. In time, it is likely we will see many more of these types of events taking place together with high quality D&T education in junior, middle and high schools. Further collaboration with the D&T Association is being planned and it is hoped in time to do more collaborative work involving students from schools in Shanghai and schools in the UK.

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