Santa Loves STEM 2018

Published 20th June 2018

#SantaLovesSTEM is back and this year the IET is bringing you an inspirational story of how STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) played a huge part in making a difference to a young girl’s life at school.

 #SantalovesSTEM video 2018

 Do you like exploring?

Do you like fixing things?

Are you creative?

Do you never give up?

Engineers have all these qualities too… and more! We hope you're inspired by this short film. Please share it with your friends and children to help spread the word that #SantaLovesSTEM. Remember there’s an engineer in each of us, all you need is imagination!

#SantaLovesSTEM competition – Win a KANO Computer Kit Touch!

If you want to continue to inspire children with STEM either in the classroom at school or back home, then we’ve suggested some activities, games, competitions and other ideas, which you can use to expand on the subject of this film.

To enter the competition, post a picture or video clip on IET Faraday Twitter or Facebook with the #SantaLovesSTEM  and show us how you, your school or children are being inspired by STEM and our IET Faraday resources. You must state whether you are entering the primary category or the secondary category.

We are offering two KANO Computer Kit Touch (worth £279.99), one each for a random primary and a random secondary submission.

Your photo must demonstrate the following:

  • An IET Faraday resource/activity (primary or secondary) being used
  • Creativity
  • Fun!

We wish you all the best in the competition!

To find out more information and competition details please click here.

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