School Food Champions Grow in Numbers

Published 3rd December 2015

Food teachers passionate about teaching cooking and nutrition to their pupils are and joining the School Food Champions programme. The programme, funded by the DfE and delivered by Design & Technology Association, British Nutrition Foundation and Eagle Solutions Services. It focuses on  the skills and confidence needed to be a School Food Champion and providing the understanding of what is needed to work closely with the leadership team and school food service. As a Champion you will have the opportunity to work across the whole school rather than just in your own department.

The benefits to the school are incredible as it improves school lunch take up which is

  • key to better health for pupils, leading to better attainment and improved behaviour;
  • savea your school money in the long term
  • teaches pupils about health which will be OFSTED measured
  • By up-skilling an existing staff member such as the food teacher, the expertise is then in-house and this is far more cost effective and sustainable than engaging external consultants;
  • There is no cost in joining the programme and it has been designed for minimal disruption to normal lessons.

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The interest in the programme has been marked with nearly 50 Champions coming on board in the last few months. Below are just a few

  • Chris Long, Fairfield High School, Bristol
  • Michaela Phillips, St Peters Catholic  School, Solihull
  • Emma Watts, The Academy, Selsey, West Sussex
  • Rosie Honeyman-Smith, Sutton Community Academy, Sutton in Ashfield
  • Sarah Badzire, Clare Mount Specialist Sports College, Wirral
  • Eloise Packer, Holyrood Academy, Chard, Somerset
  • Jeanette Wessen, The Robert Napier School, Gillingham
  • Sarah Garratt, Slated Row School, Milton Keynes
  • Jenny Webb, The Taunton Academy, Taunton
  • Kelly Rose, Macmillan Academy, Middlesborough

For further information and an application form please contact or if you are located near any of the above School Food Champions feel free to contact them in your area to see how it is going and how it is benefiting the school. We do have others who have been working on the project for longer with incredible results. Debra Robinson, from Heaton Manor Secondary School, Newcastle Upon Tyne has worked hard to improve the schools food provision with an incredible 18% increase in school lunch take up.

Debra Robinson – Food Technology Teacher, Heaton Manor said, “We are passionate about teaching excellent cooking and nutrition to our pupils and have identified a member of staff to become a School Food Champion within our school.  Our School Food Champion will be working closely with our leadership team and school food service, giving us an opportunity to deliver a programme which will improve the health of pupils and encourage them to eat better school lunches.”


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