SEND, Disabilities & Trauma in Teaching

Published 10th June 2022

We held one of our popular free webinars this month covering SEND, Disabilities & Trauma in Teaching.
The first half was led by Frances Meek who is Education Services Manager at the British Nutrition Foundation. She covered how to support pupils with additional needs when teaching food and nutrition education. The presentation began with the definitions and 12 key characteristics of good practice before diving into where to locate resources and methods of delivery.

She discussed development of skills for independent living from initial planning phases, to obtaining ingredients and the whole cooking process. She also pointed to where there are a number of great resources. There are three pages of websites and useful information/ documents can be found at the end of the Characteristics of good practice in teaching food and nutrition to pupils with additional needs guide. 

The second half was presented by D&T teacher and D&T Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator Suzi Lombardelli. The focus of the presentation was how to help children learn post Covid-19. There was emphasis on whether a trauma sympathetic classroom can help to engage students in metacognitive learning.

Suzi also touched on understanding Trauma in relation to memory and adapting how the Curriculum is taught to ensure pupil engagement. She also discussed lesson format in relation to metacognitive learning.
It was an engaging session providing real insights and expertise which was greeted with positive feedback from attendees.
Our live webinars are free to attend and offer skilled coverage across a variety of areas to suit different needs.

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