Sir Paul Smith speaks up for D&T education in schools

Published 19th April 2016

As a response to the range of challenges arising from Government’s focus on Ebacc subjects, including declining D&T GCSE numbers and under recruitment onto ITT courses, the fashion designer Sir Paul Smith has offered his support and comment, recognising the importance of Design & Technology education in schools

"In a world which is so over-supplied in every sense, one of the ways to succeed and standout is to have a creative and lateral way of thinking about things. There are lots of things that don't even occur to us that have been created by people who have got an unusual or creative way of thinking: the telephone, the motor car, the Dyson vacuum cleaner - through creativity those ideas have created businesses, careers and futures for people. It's all this that makes subjects like Design & Technology so important."

Sir Paul Smith, Fashion Designer

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