Students Make 3-D Printed Manually Powered Light

Published 3rd December 2015

Students at the Technical University of Denmark have produced a 3-D printed manually powered light with several variations on the 3D printed dynamo.

The 3D printed Dynamo was designed in CAD and is completely 3D printed except for the use of three roller bearings and a small DC motor. It featured a crank on the top of the device that could offer enough power from the small DC motor for the flashlight, which also operates as a strobe. 

The compact design encapsulating the electronics was a challenge and students were aware that the small size of the dynamo was a minor problem. Different team members handled different parts of the project, with it all coming together in one tiny design that functions as something that could be a much-needed device in many situations.

You can find out more and download some of their designs here

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